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11:22 p.m. - 2003-09-02
I \"Heart\" San Antonio
The more I go there, the more I fall in love. I love love LOVE it there. I had such an amazing time hanging out with my friends. We went out, hung out in the hot tub and pool and did other random stuff. The only thing that sucked was when we got into town on Friday, I got sick. I had this awful headcold, but I still managed to have a few margaritas that night!! When I woke up Saturday morning, my voice was gone. My sinuses were KILLING me and I was over medicated the entire day. For some reason, I still drank that night! I must be a lush. *shrugz* Jerry kept trying to get me to drink these pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea. Um, NO NO NO! I don't do Long Island Iced Teas anymore. The smell of them made me want to vomit. Thanks to my past incident. *Gagz* I played it safe and drank good ol BUD LIGHT. Ahhh..sweet beer, you can never do me wrong!!

So it was back to work today. And I moved to a new group. I am finally away from my beeyatch supervisor. I would have been rid of her for good anyways, because her last day at work is October 10th. Yes, I finally convinced the old bag to retire! Some people honestly wanted to pay me, can you believe that? HAHA!! Anyways, so all day today I sat and did nothing. They have nothing for me to do, so I sat...and sat...and sat....and sat. The day actually went by pretty fast. I am loving the fact that I am RID of that TPT bitch for good!! YAY! But I hate that JB isn't in my group anymore. Now I don't really have anyone to talk to. *Sobz*

MMMMM I got to go to Starbucks and stock up on Tazo Chai in San Antonio! *Sluprz* Lord, I love that stuff!! I also got to go to Sephora! Although the first time I went, the women were super rude to me. I had to pull a Pretty Woman and say I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND HERE because no one would help me! It was like I was invisible!! Arggghhh that was so annoying!

Well, one of my favorite movies, The Secretary, is on, so I'm gonna go watch that. For you people that haven't watched that need to!!! James Spader is so HOT!

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