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5:33 pm - September 06, 2003
Are you ready for some Football??
Ahhh yes! Football season is here! WOOHAA! I love football! NFL, college, high school, you name it, I love it! Football has always been a big thing here in Texas, high school football, especially. My son and I went to the Central/Brownwood game last night. I was interested to see the quarterback from Brownwood play. I wanted to see if he's as good as they say he is. This is a guy who is already committed to University of Miami....he is graduating high school in December and starting in Miami in January. I find that pretty impressing. Well he was pretty good last night, considering Central sucks. But then again, I think Brownwood is ranked 4th in the state in their district. My son had fun. I'm amazed at how much he knows about football. He knew what the penalties were and all that stuff. He's looking forward to playing tackle football next year when he starts 3rd grade. I can't wait!! Next month, we're going to see my Dallas Cowboys play. That's going to be fun, too!

So I've finally decided to get my shit together when it comes to finishing up school. I called my advisor yesterday and I'm all set up with classes until February of next year. After those classes are done, I'll have about 13 classes left, which isn't bad. I'm actually going to finish sooner than I thought I would. I have to take a look at the classes I have left and all that other stuff to find out exactly when I can graduate! Damn, that's kinda funny to!

So, speaking of school, I've got some reading to do. I want to try and get ahead as much as possible!!

And I am SO loving my new template!!

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