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12:00 am - September 22, 2003
7 Days
...until my birthday. MEH! I don't even count them anymore. All I want for my birthday is...dinner at Peasant Village with my hubby. Let's hope that I have enough left after the bills are paid to eat there!

Church was fun today! Friday we have game night. Anyone want to go with us?? It will be fun!! OK I don't know how to play ping pong or nothing...but maybe we can get a volleyball game going! Because you know I'm a total Supastah when it comes to that game!! WOOT WOOT!

*Yawnz* I have two papers due tomorrow. I'll probably only finish one, the group one. I finally got my points for week 1 and 2. And man..she totally ragged on my paper for week one. And I quote, "It was a good essay, and it read like a letter home. College is different." WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?!? Dude, I was so totally insulted. I had to call PD to vent when I got the email. NEVERRRR have I ever been criticized that way...not even in HIGH SCHOOL! She wants us to write more "creatively". MEH! Dude, this is an ethics class and I don't see what ethics has to do with creative writing. This 7th grade english class, lady. So if anyone can explain what ethics has to do with creative writing, please let me know! PFFT on her!!

Alrite well that's my update for the weekend. I've got more I want to get off my chest, but I know there are folks out there that I wish I didn't give my diary link to. Dammit. Oh well...

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