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6:46 am - September 24, 2003
Well I've been putting off BOTH my papers for 3 days already. So, enough procrastinating already! I'm ready to finish them BOTH off. Uh, the only thing is, I'm going to have to finish them both off at work. MEH. Now, that won't be a problem for me because I have not been in the mood to do any work these past few days. So, the plan for today is.....finish up my work for the day and finish up my work. I feel bad because I've been giving my prof and my team the runaround that my DSL isn't working. God is going to punish me and really make my DSL not work. E!

I've been getting loads of crappy spam in my dland mail box. It pisses me off! I'm going to have to make some quick changes to make that stop...

Anyhooo....time for me to get ready for work. *sigh*

Laters all!

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