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11:18 pm - September 24, 2003
Writers Block and the OTHER class
Well I finished my group paper. MY individual paper, on the other hand, has gone no where. I'm stuck...stuck stuck stuck...and I hate it. I hate it when I can't think. I hate it when my mind is cloudy. I just hate it! I'm usually pretty good at throwing things together, but it's just not working. I was doing so well earlier! I hate this! GRRR!! And what sucks the most is....that I told my prof I would have my work done tonight. *Sigh* I need to quit opening my big mouth and just keep it shut! *Poutz*

And now begins the feelings of utter feebleness. Er, is that even a word? *LOL* Anyways, I start my OTHER class tomorrow. As I read my new prof's bio, I begin to think WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? I took a stupid LIFE SCIENCE class because I need the elective. I am SO not a science person! It reminds me of 8th grade science class. I hated my teacher. She never got my name right. She always called me SONIA *Shudderz* Anyways, we had to do this stupid project and collect some rocks and do something with them. Anyways, I didn't do the project. Now, mind you, this project was a huge percent of our final grade for the grading period. So..then she read everyone's grades for the project outloud. And when she got to my name....I got a 106!! The look on everone's face was PRICELESS! To this day, I swear she got my grade mixed up with someone elses! HA!

Well enough trippy stories for tonight. My head hurts and I can't write poo. MEH. I'll try again tomorrow!

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