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12:34 pm - October 04, 2003
Out for the weekend...
Well I'm on my way out of town. Yeah, I know I haven't updated in a while, but hey..what can I say right?

I'm going to Dallas to see the Cowboys play look for me on TV! HA! We're meeting my mother in law and my sister in law there tonight. Robby is mad because we HAVE to beat them there because we're the one's who have to check into the motel. Um, well I don't think that's going to happen. OH well..he'll get over it.

So anyways, I'm excited because we're going to the Galleria tonight so you know what that means...SHOPPING!! WOOHOO! PD got me an e-gift certificate to Sephora, but I already used it. HEHE. I love her! But you know I always find something else to get in that store. So I'm going to stock up on Starbucks stuff and other random junk that I don't need.

So until then....


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