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12:01 am - October 14, 2003
Well it was time for a change! So here it is! Too cute!!

So tonight I realized a couple of things:

For one, I am out of shape. I need to start working out again to get my upper body strength back where it was. I'm in pain tonight after volleyball practice. Where is that damn icy hot when I need it?

Secondly, it hurts like hell to get hit by a volleyball, especially when someone spikes it and you are in the path of the damn ball! OWIE! Next time I will remember to duck! Last time I got hit on my boob and it was bruised for two days! It bounced a good it still hurt! HAHA!

*Yawnz* I need to be at work at 7am. Well I'm going to try anyways. It depends how I feel when I wake up. I'll set the alarm for 6am and if I'm still tired, I'll work from 8 to 6 to get some overtime in. I could really use the money.

I'm convinced some lady in my Sunday School class stole money from me. I had to pay her some money for some stuff I bought from her but I know for a fact that she overcharged me. I hate it when people mess with what's mine, especially money. Messing with my money is like messing with my emotions. When I found out what had happened, I debated long and hard about confronting her and her deadbeat husband. After talking with someone that I work with who happens to be in the same Sunday School class, I decided against confronting her. I am a firm believer of what comes around, goes around and I know she will get hers. I just hate it when people mess with my money, especially now that all my bills are paid and I have no money! I never got a good vibe, so to speak, from this lady and her hubby, and neither has Robby. I just get this feeling about her that something is not right. It was nice to know that the lady I work with gets the same vibes from them. I just need to watch out from now on, as far as my dealings with her are concerned. But really, from now on, there will be no dealings with her or her husband. Enough said.

I had a moody day yesterday. I missed my friends like crazy this past weekend, especially Dyan. I hate that I can't talk to her as much and I miss our funny conversations we used to have. Whenever I watch Freshman Diaries on Showtime, I think about her. I miss her like crazy. *sigh*

And speaking of UT (because that's where Freshman Diaries was filmed) what the hell happened to the Longhorns this weekend?? I was so disappointed! What the hell?!?! I think this is the game that's going to get Mack Brown either fired or in big trouble. It just seems like Texas can't preform when it comes to playing big time teams. They need to get it together...and fast...

But..on a kick ass note...HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!! WOOT WOOT!! 4-1 baby, what a record! The Cowboys are going places this year....just wait and see!! WOO HOO!!

OK well my arm is starting to hurt, so I am going to get a nice rub down with Icy Hot. I know, the stuff stinks, but I can't stand my body aching!!

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