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10:42 pm - October 16, 2003
I'm starting to feel just a little overwhelmed now. My class had been so easy and so stress free...up until now. I have a paper due on SATURDAY that I have yet to begin reasearch on, discussion questions for my group and my individual questions. Well, at least there are only two weeks of class left. I actually contemplated not turning in my individual paper, but it's worth 20% of my grade. Dammit! So much for my brilliant ideas. I'm too tired right now to do any reasearch for it. I have to get all of my work done tomorrow night somehow. Well, my research for my paper anyways.

I went and played volleyball again tonight. I'm proud to say that I got my serve down now, and I can actually make it wayyyy over the net now! YAY ME! I played for like 3 hours tonight. I'm so tired right now and I need something on my back and my shoulder is KILLING ME! Maybe I'm getting wayyy too old for this stuff! HA!

Well, I'm going to bed. I have to go to work early tomorrow. *Sigh* The life of a busy busy woman....

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