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12:38 am - October 21, 2003
Short update
Well I finished my paper! YAY ME! Um, of course, it didn't meet the word requirement but like I care. One more week of this class and then I'm done with it. Just one more thing to finish up, my team paper. But I'm too smart for my own I convinced this girl in my group to split my part of the paper with me so I only have to write like 200 words. I start a new class this Thursday, Financial Analysis for Management. Hmm..sounds intimidating! HA!

So..I'm off to bed. But..a few points before I go:

1. Kobe is going to trial. I'm so sick of hearing about "poor Kobe". Dude, you messed up by CHEATING on your wife. You are so stupid for not being able to keep Mr Pipi in your pants!!

2. Josey Scott from Saliva looked damn fine on MTV Cribs tonight. And that Southern accent of his.. REOWRRRRR!!

3. My body still feels like hell after the volleyball tourney Saturday. It was nice to know that the 2 other boys and 2 chickeys are as bruised and banged up as I am!

5. My precious Dallas Cowboys are on a ROLL BAYBEEEE!!! WOOT WOOT!

And last..but certainly not least...I hope the Marlins win the World Series. I can't stand the dumb Yankees and stupid Derek Jeter. We have a New York channel on our satellite and I'm gonna puke if I hear one more damn Yankee say IT'S THE CURSE OF THE BAMBINO. PFFT ON YOU!!!

OK now I'm really going to bed....

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