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10:48 pm - October 23, 2003
OK OK. I know what ya'll are saying..WHAT, YOU LOOOVE THE 80'S?? Dude, I'm like 27 years old, I soooo grew up in the 80's! So I love the VH1 series that's on right now, I Love the 80's Strikes Back! I remember the fad of satin jackets. Yes, I had a satin jacket. In fact, it was my Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader satin jacket. Also, when I was in elementary, my cheerleading jacket was satin..GREEN AND GOLD SATIN! It was PIMP TIGHT! HA! And they did this thing about friendship bracelets. I used to love making those things, when I finally learned how! You would wear those things until they literally rotted off! I had one on my ankle from the time I was 11 until like 13 or 14! My hubby thinks I'm a dork for watching the show...but hey, dammit....I'm re-living my wonderful childhood! What else did I love about the 80's...ahh I thought Billy Idol was like uber hot. Call me crazy right?? OOOOH and I also wore those hair clips that had like streamers coming from them! And I had no idea Doc Martens popped up in 1987! Ahhh....the 80's! And one last thing I love about that show...Michael Ian Black! Can we say HOT HOT HOT?!?! YUM!!

OK enough reminiscing. I have mandatory overtime again tomorrow, so I'm off to bed.

Song of the day is Pictures of You by The Cure. Another great song of the 80's that makes me sad. I'm not quite sure why, though. For some reason Cure songs just have that effect on me...

I've been looking so long at these pictures of you that I almost believed that they were real...

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