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10:42 pm - October 26, 2003
MEH again
A funny thing is happening and I want to point it out! I am getting a heckuva lotta hits because of the name of my diary! HA! There are a lot of Google searches for I WANT YOU TO WANT ME. I've also gotten a few hits for VINTAGE 80S CLOTHING! Anyways, I think it's pretty funny, so I thought I would just point it out.

So I've already accepted the fact that I am going to get a crappy grade in my dumb science class. Why am I surpized, since I suck at Science? Well, it's not as bad as Math! I guess it just upsets me because I actually care about my GPA. And a C is not good for my GPA at all!

On a better note, I vented to a fellow classmate (and team mate) about how upset I was about the prof not letting me turn in my paper again. Her response? She feels bad for me so she's going to write my part of the big team paper as well! YAY! She says she's got my back and that all I have to do is proofread it and make minor changes. Hmmm...maybe I should make people feel sorry for me more often?!?! *LOL* So at least that is one less thing I have to worry about.

My new class is another story. I started reading the first chapter and it's about accounting! NOOOOOO!! I hate accounting!!! It's kind of like math to me (but worse) so I hate it just as much. I think it's not all about accounting so I think I'll be OK. Another thing about my new class? MY TEACHER IS AN AGGIE! EW EW EW!! Who would've thought that farmers could be teachers as well?!? HAHA! He also told me that he spent some time in Del Rio in 1993 when he was in the National Guard and that he used to frequent the Corona Club. HA! He seems like a nice guy...maybe he'll be more understanding if I were to turn in the wrong paper! PFFT!

OK well once again, I have to be at work early so I'm going to bed!!

Nite all....

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