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12:01 am - October 29, 2003
Gross outs and Ponderings
I am so tired, ya'll have no idea. I need to go to bed, since I'm supposed to be at work at 7AM. But we'll see how I feel when I hear (or don't hear) my dumb alarm.

So a gross thing happened to me at work yesterday. Now, very rarely do I use the restrooms at work because I think they are so gross. It also grosses me out to hear old ladies peeing or farting. *Gagz* Anyways, so I walk in the stall to handle my business and I happen to look down at the toilet...and what do I see? A FREAKIN' TURD STILL IN THE POTTY!! I started gagging and someone outside asked me if I was OK. Um, NO I'M NOT OK!! So I run out of the bathroom and decide to go to another potty somewhere else. Dude, that had to be THE grossest thing that I have ever seen! And the worst part? Some people that saw me leave that stall probably thought the turd was MINE! ICKY!! I wanted to go back there after work and put a note in every stall that said PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE POTTY IN CASE YOU NEED TO FLUSH AGAIN! It was so sick!!!!

And speaking of crap, I'm not liking my new class. The entire first section of my book dealt with stupid accounting crap that I hate. I have to write a paper (due later today, I might add) about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Dude, I don't know what that stupid thing is! Sheesh! So of course, I'm not looking forward to doing the stupid thing. *sigh* I have to work overtime AGAIN tomorrow. Will it never end?? Although I am getting pretty spoiled with my rather large (and I do mean large) paychecks every two weeks! Too bad Uncle Sam has to be a pipi head and take a chunk of my money! I saw the new MTV show Rich Girls tonight and I was absolutely sick. One of the girls is Tommy Hilfiger's daughter. Can you imagine having Tommy Hilfiger as your dad?? One thing that made me laugh about her was when she said, "You know, my dad invented cargo pants.." HAHA! And they were dropping cash like it was nothing! *Sigh* What I would give to have enough money to buy my Prada backback that I so desire.....

Anyways, enough of my ponderings for the night, I need to hit the sack. I'm tired....

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