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11:30 pm - October 30, 2003
Halloween and Wannabe Baristas
I'm tired. Yeah so what's new about that right? I'm always tired. I think for once I will only work 9 hours instead of my usual 10 hour day at work. And tomorrow is Halloween! YAY! I got my costume and I'm ready to go! Work is going to be fun. I probably won't get any work done. Not that Halloween is an excuse, because I always find an excuse to not get any work done! HA! I'm going dressed up as a Zombie Cheerleader. Our group is doing a HELL-like theme and well, work is hell and I'm like a zombie when I'm at work. So why not be a zombie cheerleader? My costume came with this freaky wig and the pom poms! It's too cute! I got some fishnet stockings to wear with it and I'm going to wear my old-school doc martens with it. Robby freaked when he saw me in full costume! HA! What we really wanted to do at work was do a PIMP/Ho type theme. We wanted this one guy to be a pimp and the rest of us be his ho's. It's always been some freaky fantasy of mine to dress up like a hooker. Does that make me wierd?!?! *HAHA*

So Starbucks officially opens tomorrow. My friend at work said that they were having a friend and family night tonight and that the drinks were FREE! So I was like HEY I'M ALL ABOUT FREE STARBUCKS! But then she said it was only if you were invited! Well PFFT on that! Of course, after work I decided to drop by and see what was up, even though I wasn't invited. So I drop by and I ask the worker chick what time they are opening tomorrow. ANd she's like OH WE OPEN TOMORROW BUT YOU CAN COME IN. WE'RE HAVING OPEN HOUSE AND THE DRINKS ARE FREE. Well HELLO!! So of course, I go. And I order an ICED TAZO CHAI LATTE. The "barista" looks at me all crazy-like. Then she's asks me if it's a tea. I was like yeah it's a TAZO CHAI TEA. And then she gets like this funny look on her face. So I wait...then here somes this girl with a so-called tazo chai. She hands it to me and I say, THAT'S NOT WHAT I ORDERED. So what does this wannabe barista do? She proceeds to try and correct me...ME OF ALL PEOPLE! Um, no no, little girl. So what did I do? I told her HOW to make it. Then I had to tell HER BOSS how to make it. *Sighs* If I were Miss Starbucks, they would have ALLLLL been fired. But I'll be back tomorrow morning before work! WOOT WOOT! Oh..and when I asked about a chocolate cream cheese muffin, another wannabe said WHAT IS THAT BECAUSE I'VE NEVER HEARD OF IT?

I hope they get the hang of things in a few weeks......

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