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12:12 am - November 05, 2003
Work and School
So I realized that I no longer have a life. School and and work. That's all I do. I'm STILL working overtime. I never get enough sleep. GOD I need a facial. Thank God for concealer to cover my dark circles. I look like hell! I'm getting ansy because I'm almost out of my Frederick Fekkai stuff. NOOOO! I love that stuff! I guess I'm just going to have to order me some more! I'm trying so hard to let my hair grow right now. It's driving me INSANE! This is what happens when you cut your hair short. *MEH* The only thing I don't miss about having long hair is having to blow dry it. Damn that was a pain in the ass! And to get it straight?!?!? Ick....I'm cursed with icky, waivy hair. I want to let it grow so I can dye it a nice shade of burgandy. I liked my red highlights from last year, but I want to do something different this time around. We'll see what I can come up with!

Alrite well ya'll know the drill...I have to be at work at 7 *ICK* so I'm off to bed.

: )

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