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12:34 am - November 18, 2003
Bitch and Moan
OK so I'm pretty pissed off right now. In my class, we have learning teams. With the learning teams come team assignments, key word being TEAM. *AHEM* Well, I've just been sitting in front of this damn computer completing the team assignment on my own. Well, not really, since one other guy decided he would help me out. He's actually the only other one in the group that does work. We had to do a PowerPoint presentation with this project, so I decided that we should split up the slides at three a piece, since it had to be at least 12 slides. Well, what did one woman say?? "I have no idea how to make slides." The other dork didn't even bother responding. What the FUCK are you doing taking a damn online class if you don't even know how to use damn POWERPOINT?!?! OMG I was livid...LIVID!! I put together a 3000 word paper, with no research from the two bums, and the other guy did the presenation. And let me tell you, it was HELL to get that paper done. If I never have to write another paper again, I will die a very happy woman. Dammit now I'm so worked up, I can't sleep. DAMMIT!!!

Anyways, I'm gonna go and watch Necessary Roughness. It's a funny-ass, old movie, but I love it. Oh..and check out the shirt I am going to buy!! It's too cute! I love Bam!! And that tattoo is killer...maybe I should get that tat done...

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