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6:00 am - December 05, 2003
It's all we talk about at work. Hmmm. Well the convos don't always start off that way, they just kind of lead to it. HA! Like the other day me and my friend ML were talking about tongue rings. Don't ask how the subject was brought up, because I don't remember! Anyways, he was talking about how he lost his barbel at a restaurant and how he almost swallowed it. So I was like well you better put something in there because your hole will close up. I know when I took mine out, the hole closed within an hour. *SOBZ* So he asked me, why not do it again? Because I would have to get it stretched out and I heard that was hella hella painful. Even more painful than getting it pierced the first time, is what folks have told me. But when I got it done, it didn't hurt at all. I was scared shitless and shaking, but it didn't hurt. Damn I miss it!! *SOBZ* Anyways, so then I started talking with some girls I work with about the tongue rings and ML's name was brought up and one girl was like OH YEAH I LIKE ML'S TONGUE RING. And the other girl was like OOO I WANT TO SEE IT. Then somehow the act of oral was brought up. OMG. We just have the craziest convos at work! We are all!! Piercings are uber sexy. Sometimes I think about getting my nipples pierced. PD had hers done and I thought it was so super duper sexy! I think it looks hot on guys, too. Take for example...Dave Navarro! *Droolz*

Speaking of nipple piercings...Alex, have you gotten yours done yet?!?!?!?

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