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1:34 am - December 08, 2003
The weekend and other funny stuff
OMG it's so late! But I had to stay up and watch A Walk To Remember...AGAIN!! : )

Sooo this weekend was fun because I did a lot of shopping. I was drugged up all weekend long, too, because this stupid weather change makes me sick. ICKY! I am not quite done with my shopping, though. But I'm all shopped out for now. I also ate at Red Lobster, which is always a yummy treat.

*YAWNZ* I'm sleepy! Anyways, a couple of last things before I head off to bed. My hubby said that some chick he works with asked if I was interested in being with a woman. WTF! I was like why would she ask that? It seems she saw a pic that he has of me on his keychain. I was like, ew that's a crappy pic of

Oh and I found this funny website:

I think I recognize like 4 pics on there!


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