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9:03 pm - December 14, 2003
Back from Hiding...
So who was hiding now, eh?? HA! Well no, I wasn't hiding. I've just had a lot going on this past week. For starters, I was sick with the worst crud ever. I thought I was going to die Monday night, I was even having trouble breathing. Then the next day, my baby got sick and after a trip to the ER it turns out she had pneumonia. A few breathing treatments later and she's good as new and ready to go back to daycare tomorrow. Thank God she's better because kids have been dying left and right with all this sickness going around.

Also, I got an early Christmas gift!! WOOT WOOT! Check it out!! It's too cute!! Someone at work told me I was crazy for wanting something like that for Christmas. I was like, why am I crazy? I didn't ask for the purse to begin with, I just mentioned that it was cute. And who am I to say OH NO I WON'T TAKE THE PURSE, TAKE IT BACK?!?! Haters, haters haters.....

Oh and I got my tickets for THE LORD OF THE RINGS movie tonight. I must be crazy for going to a freakin 12:05AM showing of it!! The movie is like 3 and a half hours I'm going to be so tired at work the next day. HA! But the movie is going to be so sick, it's unreal.....

Anyways, I'm off to finish up some homework and watch Wildboyz!!

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