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1:45 am - December 23, 2003
\"They stole our precious...and WE WANTS IT!!\"
Sooo let's see what's new with me?? Well for one, my new class sucks ass. So far, all my work has been late. I have...well had since it's like almost 2am now...a paper due but I didn't finish it. I have 3 papers due for my other class that's going to be over in a couple of days. Have I started on those yet? *MEH* And since I'm off to a lousy start with my new class, I'm going to have to work my butt off the next 4 weeks. Good thing I have a couple of weeks off for the Holidays....

Speaking of which, PD IS BACK IN TEXAS!! WOOT WOOT! Now..if we could only get our schedules straight so we can get together...

This past weekend I finally got my shopping done. YAY ME! Robby and I went to Abilene but it sucked there. Even the food at Olive Garden wasn't all that great. I guess I'm spoiled on Peasant Village now!!

Well I'm going to bed to watch Pirates of the Carribean. My Orlando Bloom is in that movie and he was looking pretty darn good in there! I was watching it earlier but I fell asleep...which might explain why I'm wide awake at this ungodly hour....

Song of the day is Hey Ya by Outkast. I've been listening to the new CD and it's pretty good..and I think this song is just too funny. I'll be sitting at work listening to this song just dancing in my seat!! HEEHEE!

My baby don't mess around because she loves me so and this I know fo sho....

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