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5:24 pm - December 31, 2003
YAY it's almost New Years!! WOOT WOOT! Sooo in a few hours I'll be back home and on my way to party in Mexico with PD and K. *sigh* It's not exactly the idea I had for New Years and New Years in Mexico is quite...well it can be hazardous. But after giving it some thought (and after some persuasion by PD) I guess we can go to Corona Club. That place is probably the most decent down there, as far as people my age is concerned. So I'm hoping it won't be too bad nor too too crowded. But I'll be with friends and people that I love so I'll be having a good time no matter what!!

So this year has been hella crazy. Well not in a bad way, though. It's had it's ups and downs, but mostly ups. I can't complain that I've had a bad year, because I haven't. I've had lots of fun and I wouldn't change a thing. : )

PD and I were laughing today because I called her. We have the funniest and silliest convos:

Me: I'm calling you because I'm feeling like being dirty and bad! I'm being all illegal begal!!

PD: You sooo like being dirty!!!

Me: Yeah but you know it's so fun being dirty!!

PD: Yeah, it is fun being dirty!!

So...with that said...I've got to go iron what I'm going to wear tonight...something DIRRRTYYYY...NASTTTYYYY! Gosh, I'm too dirty to clean my act up!! HA!!!

Anyways, Happy New Years, everyone! Be safe and don't get too drunk! I know I won't be getting drunk. I haven't been the same since This FATEFULL NIGHT!!. *Sigh* No seriously...I haven't! HA! See ya'll next year!!!

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