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10:51 pm - January 30, 2004
If ti's not one's another...
Ok so the good news. Today is the 2nd day that I haven't had a fever since last weekend. The bad news...I woke up with this wierd rash all over. When I got out of the shower this morning, I noticed my shoulders and arms were all red. I thought that maybe it was because my shower was too hot or something and shrugged it off. Then I got to work and noticed that it was all over my arms. I was like, ew I look like a walking disease! So I wore my jacket all morning long at work, even though I was freakin hot. Then it started spreading to my hands and I felt like I was itching inside and I could not scratch. It was not a good feeling at all. I took a benadryl, which put me in a daze and I fell asleep at work. I liked the cloudy feeling in my head! I never go to the Dr but my mom convinced me to go so they could give me something. So once again, I went home from work to go to the dr. Dammit is there ever going to be a straight week where I work all week long?? I need to quit getting so damn sick so I won't run out of time off!! GRRR!! Anyways, she gave me a prescription and she said it would help me sleep. Ooo I though..this could be cool. So I took one about 15 min ago and I'm waiting for it to kick in. Hmm..the label says it's also prescribed for anxiety...yeah this may be just what I need...

Albertsons was closing it's video department so they were having a sale of it's movies. Dude, I bought like 10 movies...Chasing Amy (because I love Kevin Smith)...License to Drive (because I made out with Corey Haim)...Just one of the Guys (80's movies rock)...Ladybugs (RIP Jon Brandis) and so many more. So...I think I'm going to lie down and watch Ladybugs. This movie so damn funny!!

Tomorrow I'll be home alone. I have plans to clean, but I think I'll dope myself up instead. HAHA! Megan and Robby will be home tomorrow, which is good. I miss them both so much...

Oh..and this is entry #199. So for #200 I need to make it good!! HA! Anyways....I'm off to bed!

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