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8:49 pm - February 29, 2004
\"Yeah, it's got a HEMI!!\"
Yeah, we got a SICK SUV. It's a 2004 Dodge Durango and it's the shiznitz. Like, I can't even begin to imagine how bad ass it's going to be to drive it. OK yeah, we don't have it YET, but only because they are installing a DVD player in it. Hopefully we'll get it either by the end of this week or early next week. It's got a third seat and YES IT'S GOT A HEMI! It goes VRRRRROOOOMMMMM!'s just the bomb! The coolest thing about it, is that I haven't seen one around here in town. The color is PATRIOT BLUE! It is so kickass!

We had fun this weekend. I was a bit annoyed with Vero's friend, Danny, because he is such a scrub and I have a very very VERY low tolerance for people (guys especially) who mooch off thier friends. He has NO job, NO car, NO money. So when we went to eat last night, he didn't order any food. When I got to the table to sit down I told him WHY AREN'T YOU ORDERING ANY FOOD FOR YOURSELF? DON'T YOU HAVE ANY MONEY TO PAY FOR YOURSELF AT ALL? Yes, it was rude, but he is so so so stupid and annoying. And did he say anything to respond to what I said?? HELL NO! I was so damn annoyed by the time we got home, I went straight to bed. I was going to punch him out if I heard one more stupid word out of his mouth. Here's an example of how stupid he is: He was looking at the Durango brochure we got at the dealership. He was like WOW I WANT TO GET ONE OF THESE. That was stupid statement number one because he has NO JOB. Next he asked HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY FOR IT. My response? I DON'T THINK THAT'S ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS. Because, it really isn't. So I guess you can consider that stupid statement number two. Finally, the icing on the cake...THE STUPIDEST THING EVER TO COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH...HOW MUCH ARE YOUR PAYMENTS GOING TO BE? My response: WE AREN'T GOING TO HAVE PAYMENTS BECAUSE WE PAID CASH. He then asks BUT HOW MUCH DID YOU HAVE TO PUT DOWN...again I say WE PAID CASH, NO DOWN PAYMENT NECESSARY. He again asks WELL HOW MUCH ARE YOUR PAYMENTS GOING TO BE SINCE YOU PAID CASH?? Again all pissy-like I say WE PAID CASH AND WHEN YOU PAY CASH YOU PAY FOR EVERYTHINGGGGG!! He was so so so stupid. UGH..I have a low tolerance for scrubs AND stupidity.

OH and Friday we went to Dicks Last Resort and that place was fun. A bit too pricy, but fun. Two margaritas later, I was good to go. The waitress was rude and even made me wear this big ass hat that said SPREADS LIKE BUTTER. And she also gave me a balloon that was shaped like a penis. I got lots of attention with that sucker because I "played" with it. HAHA! We had a blast there. After that we went walking down the Riverwalk and we ran into these tall ass guys. I was just looking and I asked Robby, ARE THESE GUYS BASKETBALL PLAYERS OR WHAT?!?! I guess one of them heard me because he said YEAH WE PLAY FOR THE DENVER NUGGETS. I was like OMG AN NBA PLAYER!! Well not just one but THREE! I was in awe the whole time about how damn tall they were. HEEHEE! After that, we went to Pat O'Brien's and had more drinks. Robby had a hurricane that was so strong. I swear, my chest is still burning after drinking

Oh..and when I went to get a tattoo, the guy was busy, so I just got my tragus pierced. I will upload a pic of that on the next entry.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Hmm...I got an email from my teacher to turn in my papers. I guess I need to finish them....better yet START. *Yawns* Oh well...

Laters all!

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