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1:10 am - April 12, 2004
Just a few things...
Well I'm actually on my way to bed (this is early for me) but there are a few things I want to write in here that I need to get off my chest. But before I get to the issues at hand....I want to let PD know that the pineapples turned out SO GOOD!! OOO and she will be proud to know that I actually made them on the grill!! Who's the bomb?!?!?! Also, the blog of the Cornbuggy is one of the funniest!! A definite add to my favorites!!

OK so now my issues. Well almost 2 weeks ago my beloved Grandpa passed away. Those who know me, know how devastated I was because I was very very close to him. Thanks again to PD for calling and checking on me. And of course, huge thanks to her parents who sent a card back home. That meant a lot to my mom and their kindness was appreciated. I love PD's parents!! So, at work, only a few people knew why I was not at work for a week and a half. I told those who I considered to be "close friends." Uh well out of those so-called four close friends, one sent me a card and another called on a daily basis to check on me. Now even though friend #2 did not give me a card, I really appreciated the fact that she called me to see how I was doing and if I was OK. And the person that I thought would at least say I'M SORRY did not even say those words to me. Instead, she went and got TPT (a girl that she supposedly hates) balloons and a card to congratulate her on the birth of her child. Now, for those of you who have read my diary before, you know how I do not like her. I talk to her at work, yes, but outside of work is a NO NO with her. She's a backstabbing bitch that I have no respect for. So for this so-called friend of mine to go out of her way to buy stuff for her and not even offer any words of condolence to me really REALLY hurt my feelings. No, I did not expect her to get me a card or whatever. I never expect to get anything from anyone. But she could have AT LEAST said SORRY!! After all the advice and time spent listening to her cry and whine about her disfunctional relationship with her boyfriend...and she doesn't even say she was sorry. Damn her. She buys stuff for the girl that started the rumor about her at work sleeping with her then supervisor and the friend who is always there for her when she has gotten into a huge fight with the boyfriend gets nothing. Hmmm. It does not make sense to me. Robby says I need to let it go. Oh no, I'm not bitter can you tell?? It just pisses me off big time. Robby also says I need to not listen to her whine and cry anymore. My mom said it's normal to feel hurt when a so-called friend doesn't even listen to you. She said, "At least the friends that matter most to you did not let you down." And this is true. PD has always been there for me, no matter what. And for this, I will always be thankful that I have a friend like her. I already talked to Robby about me taking a couple of days off next year when I get more vacation time to make a trip to corn country and hang with her. He thinks it is a good idea. WOOT WOOT! I am looking forward to hanging out with her. YAY!

On a good note, I started tanning again so it's only a matter of time before I am brown and proud again. So you see, being Mexican has it's perks because it will not take me long to achieve the perfect tan.

Anyways, I think I've done enough venting for today. I have to be at work early tomorrow (ICK) so I'm going to bed to watch The American President. An oldie, but a goody!!

Nite all!!

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