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12:16 am - April 26, 2004
He Wanted Me!!
Aye I had the most wicked week ever!! Well, not the entire week but I had the most fun starting on Thursday. I went to another concert with Alma. Robby didn't want to go because he said he didn't feel good and he was tired. I was like *MEH* on you. So it was going to be Default, and opening up was Edgewater and Josh Todd. At first I only knew who Default and Edgewater were. I had seen them play at the Steel Penny Pub here in town so I knew what they were all about. But Josh Todd? I was like, uh who the hell is that?!?! But the name did seem familiar to me. It turnes out Josh Todd was the lead singer for the band Buckcherry and I had heard of them before. So Josh Todd is the new band. They like..totally rocked! And I couldn't stop staring at the bass was just too cute. He would smile at me....and I would smile back!! So of course, after they played they had a meet and greet. Alma and I were first in line!! HA! I was like OMG I have GOT to get his autograph! So I bought the Josh Todd CD, which rocks, and we waited about 10 minutes. Then they came out....I was all freaked out so I had to take a shot! So this guy that Alma knows bought us a shot. And just as he was walking up to me, I downed the bitch. Of course, that got his attention. His name is Mark, and we had a mini convo and I was shaking I was so damn

Mark: WOW that was some shot huh?

BN: Uhhhhh yeah I guess. (he did catch me off guard which is why my response was so darn witty)

Mark: (smiling) OK so where do I sign...the CD or the poster?

BN: Well how about both?

Mark: HAHA. OK no prob.

BN: Um, so um, um, yeah you guys were awesome. (I tend to say UM when I'm

Mark: Thanks, I saw you in the front standing there and it looked like you and your friend were having a good time.


BN: Yeah we did! Um, so thanks for signing my CD and poster.

This is when Alma decides to open her big mouth and embarass the hell out of me by saying OK ALREADY JUST TELL HIM HE'S FINE SO I CAN TALK TO HIM TOO!!

I was MORTIFIED!! I told him I NEED ANOTHER SHOT..WHERE IS THAT DAMN SHOT GIRL DAMMIT. Two minutes later while I was still standing there, I took the shot, Fuck me on the floor or something like that, and I just looked at him and said, UH YEAH I THINK YOU'RE PRETTY HOT. That's when he handed me my CD and poster back and said WELL YOU'RE NOT SO BAD YOURSELF GORGEOUS. And he smiled at yeah, he wanted me. So he gave me a hug and said he was glad that we enjoyed the show and that next time I saw them live to go up to him and say HI. He was just too too cute. When Edgewater was playing, I saw him by the pool tables so we went up to him and I tried to take pictures of us together with my cell phone but the damn thing was almost dead so it wouldn't let me!! DAMN CELL PHONE!! But yeah...that was my fun on Thursday. Did I mention that Mark was just too cute?? : )

Friday was happy hour with the co-workers at Cheddars. We decided to go because we had worked massive overtime that past week so we were stressed. We had fun. I had about 4 Patron Margaritas before they cut me off. I was like WTF...I'm not even drunk!! Buzzed, yes, drunk no. So I asked for a beer and got that. Then we decided to go to the club, so I went. Then I got hit on by a toothless man that spoke like Beavis...HEY BABY UH HUH HUH. uhhhh NO! So I went home and fell asleep. I was alseep by midnight. When I woke up the next morning, Robby said that the EX called at freakin midnight. Robby answered the phone but no one was on the line. So Robby called back and he did not pick up the phone. As soon as Robby put the phone down, not 5 minutes later the phone rang again. Robby picked up but when he said HELLO, the ex hung up. Of course Robby was mad and so was I. When I checked the voice mail, he had left a message saying for me to call him back. So I did....he didn't answer and I left a message on his cell phone. I basically told the bastard not to call me ever again, and that he had no reason to be calling me PERIOD much less at midnight. So I'm hoping that's the end of that.

Anyways, this entry was damn long. That probably means I won't update for another week or so. HA! Well maybe, we'll see. But I found this too cute pic of Mark, taken at their concert at Lubbock the night before. So I just had to post it here!!

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