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10:28 pm - May 18, 2004
Binky Sux Pipi!!
More on the title of this entry later.... HEEHEE

First off, I should be doing my homework right now...but it's the same thing I've said before....I'm too damn lazy to do it. Meh what are they gonna do???

GOD I'm so freakin tired. I've been really really tired lately. OK so I don't get much sleep, but who the hell does? I'm too busy to sleep. I nap when I go

Two weeks and counting until the dreaded 10 year high school reunion. DAMN! It's been a long time. But it doesn't seem like it. I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell.

Speaking if high school, PD's latest entry reminded me of a guy we went to school with. His last name was pronounced BINKY and he was a jerk. He was very very funny, but he could be rude sometimes. I remember I saw him after I graduated high school and I was driving in the new car my parents had bought me. He saw it and said it was ugly. And it pissed me off. But at least I had a new car...unlike the old piece of shit he drove around at the time!!! So yeah...he sucks!!

Well I'd write more in here, but like I said before, I have homework to do. *sigh*

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