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7:19 am - May 21, 2004
Bitchy mood swings
GRR. Well it's THAT TIME and I'm bitchier than ever. Peeps at work were like UM ARE YOU MAD. My response? NO I'M NOT MAD JUST GO AWAY. I hate being like this because I have no control over my emotions. Being a girl sucks you know!!

So I was looking once again at the reunion RSVP list at I wish I had a yearbook because I have no idea who the hell most of these people are!! I thought I had one around here but I guess not. If I could see a face I might remember who they are. I guess my mind fails me in old age.

I'm stressed to the max again. PD will be happy to know that I turned in ONE paper that was due last week. So one down. Oh and I still have to do the paper due for this week. Hopefully I'll get it done at work today.

On a good note, I won a $100 gift card from Target at work. They had a random drawing and my name was one of the ones chosen. YAY ME! Because you know I never win anything. Except maybe for that time when I was like 9 I won $100 in a Toys R Us contest. : )

OK I gotta get ready for work. I need to look cute because they are going to award me my card in front of the whole freakin center. I'm not too keen on that idea at all. Can't the stupid manager just go by my desk and say HERE YOU GO!! No..she's gotta make a big deal out of it. I'm not in the mood to go up in front of people....

Here's to better days!!

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