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11:34 pm - June 07, 2004
So much time has passed...
Well I'm trying to figure out how I can sum up what has happened during all this time. I didn't update because I was so busy with class. I got an email during the last week of class from my instructor saying I was "in danger of failing." I was like hmmm...ok. Uh but I still did not turn in one big paper but for some reason when she sent me my feedback, she stated that my "conflict management paper was excellent!" So I got credit for that paper without even turning it in. This reminds me of a project I had to do in 8th grade. To make a long story short, I didn't do the project but still got a 100 as a grade. Robby said that I should be honest and turn it in anyways, but I was like MEH WHY BOTHER?? So yeah it was wrong. But in the end, I went from in danger to failing, to a B. HA! I don't even know how that happened..but it did..and in with that, my GPA was salvaged!! YAY!

For two weeks in a row, Robby and I went drinking with Alma and Josh. That was fun and crazy!! The first weekend we did it was too fun. First we went out and had margaritas. Then we headed to Fiddlestrings. They tried to convince me to do Kareoke there but I don't do that!! The second weekend in a row we did that, I almost got into it with some girl that was there with Alma and Josh. Josh invited his work folks to hang out with us. Well there was this one girl that was getting on my last nerve and there was something about her that just did not sit right with me. At one point, I had this annoyed look on my face and she grabbed my arm and said HEY CHEER UP YOU AREN'T SMILING. My reply?? YOU DON'T KNOW ME SO DON'T EVEN FUCKING TOUCH ME LIKE THAT AGAIN. I think she got the hint after that. Anyways, I told Alma that I didn't like her and later she told me that the girl has a crush on Josh. I knew I had a bad feeling about her!! So here's hoping that I don't see her again. But even if I did see her again, I wouldn't care because she was trash.

The weekend after that was the 10 year high school reunion. I swear, I'm still exhausted from that. We basically stayed out until 4 am everyday that weekend drinking and hanging out. I was so nervous the first night but after a few margaritas and beers, it was all good!!! There was a guy with a mullet (which was hilarious), and old friend that I used to hang out with when we were 15, a guy I consider my next best friend other than Dyan...I can't even describe how much fun I had. I need to scan some pics but I'll put them on the profile I have because there isn't enough room.

This past weekend, Robby, Vero, Kitty and I went to Keisha's wedding in Midland. And to make a long story short, Midland was horrible, the Holiday Inn was a disaster and we're never going back. But only because Keisha left for Baltimore, MD yesterday so we don't have to go and visit her there. Anyways, I drank plenty of Presidente and coke to last me a lifetime. : )

So basically, I've been drinking for four weekends in a row. Uh, was fun but I'm thinking that I'm too old to keep that up!!

Anyways, I'll scan the reunion pics and post on here when they are up!!

Until then...

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