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5:18 pm - June 29, 2004
Sick of death
Just when you think things are good....something happens.

I'm at work yesterday and my mom calls and tells me that my uncle back home had a massive stroke and he's being airlifted to San Angelo. Well the wonderful doctors in Del Rio waited too long to bring him here, so now he's brain dead. So thanks, shitty hospital in Del Rio. Dr said that he won't make it and that if he did, he would be in a coma. All my cousins from all over the state are here in town. I saw my uncle in ICU and it's something that's going to haunt me. I couldn't sleep because when I close my eyes, all I see is him lying there. Two of my cousins are in denial and want him here, even if he is in a coma. But my aunt has said that he would not want to live that way so there are pulling the plug later tonight.

I'm sick to my stomach. I've had way too much death in my family this past year. This is quite a test of faith for me. My uncle and my aunt took care of me when I was little. They took turns with my grandpa and grandma. He was a great cook and I'll miss him calling me MIJA and his constant hugs and kisses. His pancakes from scratch were the shit. I've said my goodbyes....and now I have to do my stupid homework. How the hell can I do my homework......God this sucks so bad....but it hurts so much more....

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