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11:37 p.m. - 2003-02-17
Well, so much for me saying I was going to update this thing daily! I guess I'm just getting too lazy.

Well Frailty was a freaky ass movie. It wasn't really scary...just...freaky. I recommend it!!

Today at work went by so slow. I'm so glad training ends this week. Three weeks of hearing the same people over and over really gets to me. I miss being able to plug in and listen to music. That's usually what I do when someone starts getting on my nerves. In that small ass classroom, though, I have no choice but to listen. Hey, at least I know all the gossip at Verizon!! *Rolls eyes* I can't stand people that gossip and get all up in other folks business. And there is this one woman in class that is all about the gossip. I can't wait until Thursday so I can finally be rid of her!! UGH.

So I've been thinking of hooking up my cam to my new computer. I'm still debating, though. I have two cams and I don't even use them. Maybe I need to play with it more often. Most of the sites I've been surfing lately have pics from cams and have bad ass layouts!! I wish I could make a cool page like that. Maybe someday when I have the time to learn....

Anyways..I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll actually get to sleep more than 4 hours...unless I find something interesting to watch on TV!! Oh...and the title of this blog is in honor of what I did on Valentine's Day! *Gigglz*

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