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9:54 p.m. - 2003-04-06
Bitch By Choice
So I'm back from DELIGHTFUL DEL RIO. And it was an interesting weekend, to say the least. It made me remember why I avoid going there to begin with. I hate running into people!! UGH!! I ran into the person I hate more than anything in this world...SPERM DONOR!! Now let's get one thing straight. I call him that because that's all he was and ever will be. He was never the father of my son, he was just the dick he rode in on. I ran into him and his fat ass wife and kid at the Chili's that opened in town. I should've known it was going to be a bad night because we waited a damn hour to be seated. PFFT! And my Presidente Margarita tasted like SHIT! I told the waitress to take it back and that if it was needed, I could go to the bar and show the bartender how to make it the right way! HA! Anyways, we stroll out of there around 11pm and who do I see?? YUP...the happy family! Well fuck it caught me off guard and I just kinda stood there for a second. I looked at him, I looked at the kid, then I looked at her. I thought DAMN THEY SOME FAT FUCKERS!! *Gigglz* Then I heard him start choking on his food. Probably from shock since he hadn't seen my baby in 3 years. Then the fat wife gasped and giggled. I stopped in front of thier table and almost started a scene. It took me probably about 2 seconds to think it over...then I just kept on walking out the door. There was so much I wanted to much I loathed and despised him and how much I wished he was dead. I regret the day I ever met him. The only thing I don't regret was my son because I love him more than anything. He's my angel from Heaven. But I kept my mouth shut. I decided to let him enjoy this time that he has. Because in a few months, he'll get what's coming to him. *Evil Grinz*

MMM, well that was pretty much my weekend. The only cool thing about my trip was that I saw this truck with a sticker that said BITCH BY CHOICE. I thought, damn that's so cool. Too bad they don't have that on a shirt because I would wear it! Well, it's back tomorrow to face those cunts at work. BLECH! But at least I'll get to tell JB all about my exciting weekend. Here's hoping that I won't have another stressful week and have to drink anymore!!

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