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9:40 p.m. - 2003-04-08
You suck and that's sad
So I totally love that saying. I am obsessed with Happy Bunny!! I told PD I would take a pic of me in my shirt, but I would look like a cam whore. Besides, my hubby said it looked like I was taking a pic of my that's out of the question. You can find this stuff here. Happy bunny is just too cute!! I really want the kiss my ass shirt but I don't think I can wear something like that to work!! HA!!

In other news, I found out I have to work on Saturday and that really sucks BIG PIPI!! I don't like working overtime when it's required. Although I could really use the money and believe me, the money is very GOOD when it comes to working overtime. I'm also pretty annoyed at this stupid test I have to take before class starts. It's some proficiency test for English. PFFT!! I feel like I'm in high school again taking that damn test. DOUBLE PFFT!! I'm so dumb, though. And let me tell you why: My advisor said I had to pass this test before class. It's like a pre requisite. Anyways, so I totally procrasinate taking the test thinking THIS IS GOING TO BE A STUPID-ASS TEST. Well, dumbass me!! When I get to the last part of the test, what does it ask me to do?!?!? WRITE A DAMN FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAY!! WTF!! Hello, it's 2AM and I'm tired!! Soooo...I figure that I can pass the test without taking the writing part. Soooo...I hit the SUBMIT button and I get some stupid error message. Then I go back and it says I FAILED!!! ARRGGHHH!! Needless to say, I felt like a complete jackass. I call tech support and the guy is like CALL YOUR ADVISOR. I call her and she tells me to call them back to reset it. Well, they won't!! And I only have one more try to take it again. PFFT PFFT PFFT!! So that's what I'm doing right now. I'm taking the practice test one more time before I take the real thing. The sucky part about the essay is that I can't copy and paste from word or it will automatically fail me. DAMN THE MAN!! Soo...I better get back to taking this stupid test. ARGGGH!! So here's to you, test!!

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