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10:31 p.m. - 2003-04-09
YES I passed my stupid test!! Er, and took me pretty much the entire two hour time limit to finish!! HA! I couldn't stop watching TV! I watched Blade 2 and The Joy Luck Club!! LOL!! My essay for the test was crap. It was 2am and I just bullshitted my way through it. The system said my essay was "limited". LOL. Here's what the results said:

In one or more of the following areas, your essay is limited. Your essay:

Lacks a thesis, stated or implied, or fails to take a position clearly and adequately

Could demonstrate more control in the development and organization of ideas

Could use more support (reasons, examples, or details) and discussion

Needs sentences with adequate variety and structure

Could improve upon word choice or language

Has incorrect grammar, usage, or mechanics

That was by far, the worst critique I've ever had!! Even my papers in high school didn't get those kinds of comments!! But hey....not bad for 2am, if I do say so myself!!

I had a crappy morning at work today. I was running late and I knew I was in trouble when I saw that my witch supervisor saw me walking in late. Here is a brief transcription of the convo:

Witch: Uh missy, you are late. You are going to have to wait until 8:30 to clock in.

BN: Uh, my name is not missy and no, I'm going to clock in now.

Witch: Excuse me?

BN: You heard me correctly. I am not going to clock in now and do a schedule change.

Witch: Oh really? (all sarcastic like)

BN: Yes. We are allowed one tardy a quarter. You know, the LIFE HAPPENS part of our attendance policy? Well life happened to me today, so there.

Witch: Are you sure there is such a policy?

BN: Why yes there is. I have the proper documents in my desk. Would you like me to provide you with a copy?

Witch: No, that is quite alright. You need to start leaving for work a little bit earlier so you can get here on time. You always walk in at 7:59 or exactly at 8:00.

BN: Have I ever been tardy before? No. And my tour begins at 8:00, no earlier than that. I have two kids I have to drop off at school and at daycare at certain times. You know absolutely nothing about my life or my situation so as long as I am here at 8:00, I will NOT be coming in any earlier unless I am working overtime.

Witch: Fine then. I will make a note that this tardy will not count against you. (turns and walks away with a look of disgust on her face...)

Why why WHYYY do these people feel the need to FUCK WITH ME?!?!?! Today was not a day to fuck with me. YEESH! That pretty much started off my day with a BANG!! I was pretty anti-social the rest of the morning. JB was like, ARE YOU OK?!? I was totally not OK and I pretty much stayed at my desk all morning long with my headphones on. I didn't even go to break with her. I apoligized later and she said it was cool, that she understood. She's so cool. : )

My next class starts tomorrow. AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!! HA!

Song of the day Come Dig Me Out by Kelly Osbourne This song describes how I felt this I was in a hole of poo!!

Somebody can you hear me now? Cause my world is caving in, so come dig me out!!

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