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11:49 p.m. - 2003-04-25
Crazy Shiznit
So I got a call from PD today, again. YAY! And we got to talking, and she made me remember a few things that I wanted to write about in here but I totally forgot. Sometimes that happens when people at work piss you off! HA! Or of course, stupid people that read your diary that piss you off. But I'm not going to waste time on that. are a few things I remembered.

1. GayBoy theory version 1.0: Another theory of PD and I. This applies to no one in particular, so don't think you are special if you assume this IS about you! So the guy says he's not attracted to girls. That's like a total given that you ARE gay! If this makes no sense to you, oh welll. It's our theory and we're sticking to it!

2. THE POSSE IS COMING TO GET YOU! As you all may know by now, PD and I have been buds since 6th grade. Well in 8th grade, we were lukcy enough to be in the same science class. HEEH! What were they thinking, right? Anyways, our teacher was a real ditz. For one thing, she always called me SONIA and I found that so annoying! I could only put up with so much for so long. So occasionally, I would write THE POSSE IS COMING TO GET YOU on a paper and leave it on her desk. If you don't find this funny, it's because it's one of those YOU HAD TO BE THERE kind of moments! forward to today: my supervisor was being a pain in my ass. So when PD called and I told her, she said REMEMBER THE POSSE?? So this light went off in my I was like DUDE I'M SOOO GONNA PUT A POST IT ON HER MONITOR BEFORE I LEAVE!! So I did...and since I left early, I didn't get to see her reaction. Old bat will probably take it as a threat. LOL!

3. Bad social skills: So yesterday, I was having a really bad hair day. Now that my hair is short, it dries really fast. Well, when my hair is dry, my hair goop doesn't work. So I looked like I had a granny wet-set hair-do. I was so annoyed, I wanted to wash my hair again before I left. But I had to be at work in 10 min so I didn't have any time. So I left...and I whined to JB telling her my hair looked crappy. Being the TRUE friend that she is, she said NO IT DOESN'T LOOK CRAPPY!! She's so precious I love her! Anyways, so I was talking to this lady I work with, telling her the same thing. Her response? YEAH YOUR HAIR DOES LOOK A LITTLE DIFFERENT TODAY...DID YOU NOT HAVE TIME TO COMB IT?? Now, a little lesson here, people. This is a good example of someone with NO SOCIAL SKILLS would say. This woman annoyed me so much, I had a complex for the rest of the day! Why would someone say something so STUPID?? Anyways, she was just jealous because her hair is thinning and I have more hair than she does!! SUCK A NUT AND LIKE IT, HO!

Now, for TODAY'S news!!! Once again, people pissed me off. AND NO, THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'M A HATEFUL PERSON, I JUST HAVE A SHORT TEMPER! It's something most Latina's have in common! *Gigglz* Anyways, so at work we have what I call WANNABE-TRAINERS. They are wannabes because they are not really trainers, just in-charge trainers. In other words, they get paid a buck more an hour to pretend to know stuff so they can teach you. Anyways, we have more folks in the group because of all the work we have. So the new folks come, as well as the wannabes. At one point, I was answering a question a newbie asked. And while I was mid sentence, wannabe cut me off saying NO YOU ARE WRONG, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! How rude is that. Don't EVERRRR interrupt me while I'm talking. It's something my kids do, but they don't really know any better. So I turn around and I'm like, EXCUSE ME?? And then I asked her if she had done this work before. She said NO. Then I said OK...NOW..I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS JOB FOR OVER 2 MONTHS. THIS IS WHAT I DO ALL DAY AND I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. YOU, HOWEVER, HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF THIS JOB. Then I basically told her NOT to ever talk down to me again, especially in front of my co-workers. Then I went and told my supervisor what happened. I told her that I did not want to be bothered by questions the rest of the day because according to the wannabes, I don't know what I'm doing. It's not on my job description to train, so I'm not doing it. She then said that maybe I took the wannabe's comments the wrong way because she was stressed out. My reply? Then she has no business being an in charge because she can't deal with the stress. I work with some stupid-ass!! Too bad I have to see all their dumb-asses in a few hours. *Sigh*

Well I'm off to bed. I'm going to watch FAUST, LOVE OF THE DAMNED. I hope my alarm wakes me up...ick!! But, I have one last thing to say. I feel the need to once again emphasize what it says on my profile. This diary is a way for me to express myself. They are my thoughts, and yes, I can be ugly and harsh sometimes. So if you're offended, feel free to click the X at the top right corner! KTHNX!!

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