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1:00 a.m. - 2003-05-31
"This is a couples only skate...couples only..."
Dude so the Saliva show tonight KICKED ASS!! Granted I was there for like 6 freakin hours and I was near death at one point because I was so damn dehydrated. Robby was in such a rush to get there that I forgot to remind him to get cash. And damn that first hour was a killer. It was soo damn hot and of course, there was no more room in the shade to sit. Then when I complained about not being able to buy water, Robby said not to worry because there was a water fountain. Well when I was getting up to go get some, Robby was like where are you going. To get water, I responded. Then he said not to bother because the damn thing wasn't working!! ICK!!

Slow Roosevelt and Dope were so superduper hardcore!! It was such a badass show..I can't even think of words to describe it!! OH....and a side note for PD. Remember you said you liked that song on the Fast and the Furious...the one they play when Johnny Tran gets busted? Well it's called DEBONAIRE and Dope sings it. They played it at the concert and I was like HEY I KNOW THIS SONG!! Oh and they also did a remake of what they call "a pussy 80's song". I think it's called "you spin me round" but I'm not really sure. Anyways, that sounded bad ass.

Now when Saliva came! Oh and he had some words to say about the Dixie Chicks and Eddie Vedder. He called them "little prissy asses" because of what they said against the war. That made me laugh.

Before Saliva came on, I saw Josey Scott (the lead singer of Saliva) standing by the gate where we were sitting. I'm such a dumb chicken shit, though! I had the perfect opportunity to take a pic and ask for his autograph and I freaked out. Dammit I was so pissed at myself! I did that during Wrestlemania a couple years ago with Jeff Hardy. He was standing right in front of me and all I could do was stare and reach out and touch him. I was like GA GA GA GA! Yeesh...I wish I could've taken Josey's pic!!

Anyways, I'm still tired from the concert so I'm going to bed. Oh..and the title of my entry was from the lead singer of Slow Roosevelt. He said that before a song and of course, I thought it was funny because it reminded me of the old skating rink days. Robby made fun of me and called me a skating rink dork. WHATEVER!! He was just hating because I had a life when I was younger!! HA!!

Nite all...

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