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1:19 am - September 08, 2003
The weekend
I'm sad because the weekend is over. It just didn't seem long enough, if you ask me. UGH. How much longer until I get another day off from work? Not until Thanksgiving....meh...

This weekend was pretty slow. We didn't do anything meaningful yesterday nor today. We just basically stayed home and chilled out. Pretty exciting huh?

I went to Alfredo's yesterday. And guess what? They said they missed me so much, they gave me a FREE cup of strawberries and cream! I walked in with only enough cash to buy a drink. When the guy offered, I was like BUT I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! He said it was cool, though, because they missed me! Aww I thought that was too sweet of them! I love that place!!

I feel like a bad parent. I haven't even started getting things together for Megan's birthday party that's next Sunday. I need to go and get the invites and the stuff for the goody bags for the kids. It's not going to be a huge party, just a few kids coming over and a little bbq. I've got lots to do before this weekend. I also might go to a wedding on Saturday. I don't really want to go, but I kinda just want to go to check it out. You know, the dress and all that other good stuff. MEH. I don't know... I guess it just depends on my mood that weekend. We'll see...

I saw the COOLEST thing today. The little building next to Weeny World has a banner that says COMING SOON STARBUCKS! WOOT WOOT! So...if anyone wants to get me a birthday present (which is 21 days away to be exact) you can get me a Starbucks gift card. *LOL*

My hair is so out of control. I hope I have enough money after payday this Friday to get my hair cut. It is doing some whacked out stuff! ICK I hate it!!

Well I guess I'm slipping back into my bad habits again. It's past 1AM and I'm still awake. It's always like this when I'm taking a class. I got some reading done today, but I'm going to take my book to work tomorrow and read it there. I have some questions due tomorrow so I need to prepare that as well. I just wish I could get more sleep. I always look like POO when I don't get enough rest.

Well I think I'm going to watch INSOMNIA that's on HBO. It's that movie with Al Pacino so I'm sure it will be pretty good. I'll probably fall asleep watching it. *Shrugz*

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