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11:38 pm - November 11, 2003
boring entry
It's late and I'm already having a crisis situation. I can't decide what I want to wear to work tomorrow. The weatherbug thingey I have says it's going to be a high of 70, so I don't want to wear something too hot. And when I say hot, I mean like a heavy sweater or something. GRRR! This is such a pain in the ass and I'm getting a headache just trying to think about it...ugh..

So work sucked today big time. I didn't get to drink my usual Tazo Chai and I seriously could NOT function. I was falling asleep at my desk as soon as I got there. I'm going to have to stop at Starbucks tomorrow and get some. Damn starbucks for making me an addict!!! : )

Well there is a lot more I want to say, but there are some things I would rather keep to myself. I'll send an email to PD and let her know about what all is going on with me. There is so much going on right now....I can't wait until this week is over.

I'm so tired.

On an interesting note, I read that there is going to be a made for TV sequel to Sixteen Candles. Dude...there is NO way they are going to be able to pull that off. And the title so far is 32 Candles...LMAO! How GAY can you get.

Yeah so this entry sucks, as I really don't have anything funny or interesting to say. But MEH what are you gonna do about it?!?!?!

: )

Nite all...

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