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10:26 am - November 22, 2003
My Goodbyes
I've said goodbye to quite a few people this week. We had a lot of people retire at work this past week. I'm sure everone has read about how over 20,000 people got incentives in the company to retire. And let me tell you, they are walking out with a HUGE incentive......I'm talking over $100,000 EXTRA, which doesn't include thier pensions. My supervisor, REW, was one of the ones that left. My manager left, too. I was really sad to see my supe go because he was the best boss I've ever had. He stuck up for me when that witch of an ex supervisor bad mouthed me all the time. I cried when he left. On a good note, though, the witch left too. When I saw her I sang that little song...HEY HEY HEYYY..GOOOD BYYYEEEEE!! She caused me so much hell this past year so I was so happy she's gone! DING DONG, THE WITCH IS GONE..THE WICKED WITCH IS GONNEEE!! :)

I wish I could've said goodbye to Graig. He's the guy that killed himself from back home. I was thinking about something he said to me last time I saw him. He was asking me to go out and party, as usual, because he loved to party. I said I couldn't, and he responded with something that I think is pretty eerie, now that I think about it. He said, "this might be the last chance you get to party with me because what happens if I die?" I told him to quit talking like that because it was stupid of him to say. He would always say stupid stuff like that when I left his house. So I don't know...I couldn't go to the funeral because I couldn't get time off from work. It's something that will weigh on me for a while...

I was also thinking about Ian and the last time I saw him. We went to Mexico with Dyan and her brother and we had a good time. I'm always going to wonder if things could have been different with him, as far as his friendship was concerned.

OK well now that I'm all sad, I'm leaving. I'm going out of town, so everyone look for me at the Dallas Cowboys game! I will be sitting under Jerry Jones' suite!!

: )

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