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12:00 am - January 06, 2004
The Neverending Pineapple..
OOO I don't even know where to begin with this entry!! E! Well I had the most fun this past weekend. I got to hang out with my bestest friend, PD, for like hours at her house. I love her family. They've always treated me like I was a part of thier family and I will always hold that dear to my heart. The kiddos and I went over there and we just sat and talked. We looked at our old oh man. Probably the funniest one was the 8th grade yearbook. The pic of me with hair all the way to the sky and my BATMAN tshirt! OMG! My 7 year old son was like UM MOM WAS IT HALLOWEEN OR WHAT..WHY ARE YOU WEARING A BATMAN SHIRT?!?!? Uhhh...yeahhhh. Good thing I didn't tell him I was wearing a Batman watch as well...LOL!! PD and I had such a blast looking at those yearbooks. Another thing that made the 8th one extra hillarious was the fact that it was done so horribly. It had the worst people's names were all wrong. Girls were given guys names....or just last names!! And there was even almost an entire page where NO ONE had a just said NO NAMES AVAILABLE. But the funniest part was the fact that some of those people's pics were in the yearbook THE WRONG NAME!! HAHAHAHA~

Ohhhh and PD's family fed us so so so well. I mean, it was like a neverending feast when we arrived. Her mom fed me tamales. And while everyone had like ONE, her mom served me like 6 or 7. HA! And no..I didn't eat them all...I DID leave one!! LOL!! And there was salad....guacamole in warm tortillas....broccolli and cheese caserole....salad...and to top it off....the new BN favorite, the grilled pineapple. Basically it's fresh sliced pineapple coated with cinnamon and sugar grilled outside. And for those of you who want to try this at home, don't try to use your George Foreman, mmkay?? PD learned that it doesn't work as well!!! Ahhh first I was like WELL I'LL TRY JUST ONE SLICE. Well one turned into two..then three...then four...and so on. I must have eaten like an entire pineapple myself. And the best part?? This is a low fat food! WOOT WOOT! I think this is something the hubby can do here at home. But the question is you think that if I take the pineapple to PD's dad he will slice it for me??? LOL!!Because I'm too lazy to do it myself...

And with that...I'm off to bed. Thanks to PD and her family for feeding me so well this past weekend. I'll visit them more often when I'm in town so they can grill me more food!!

Oh and one last thing.......guess who's getting a new laptop??? I expect it on the 15th of this month....can I stand the excitement....

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