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12:37 am - January 19, 2004
I just got news that my father in law has passed away. I have cried but eerily I am still in denial. Tomorrow I drive back home (I'm so sick of driving)to pick up my dad and maybe leave for Galveston. This all depends on how early we leave tomorrow to pick up my dad. We might not leave until Tuesday morning, which I believe would be easier for everyone. Megan is sick so I might have to take her to the Dr. Don't even get me started on my trip to the ER room back in Del Rio with her. After I did my last entry she started getting that awful cough that she gets. I was afraid she might get pneumonia again so off we went. Five hours later we got home. Turns out she did not have pneumonia, just a bad cough and fever. HELLO I ALREADY KNEW THAT!! Talk about a major buzz kill eh?

Alas, although I may seem a bit cheerful, I am not. Robby is not doing too good nor is his mother. I am so worried about everyone right now. I have homework to do but it is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I have the worst headache. I need sleep. I hate death and the emotions it brings.

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