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10:45 pm - April 04, 2004
Not really an update...
...but I just wanted to change things around for a bit....

I've realized a couple of things this past weekend:

I love love love watching My So Called Life over..and over...and over...

"We had a time..."

I have way too many cousins. They all drive me crazy and get on my damn nerves.

I hate how Del Rio people get all up in your business. I had a voicemail from an ex and I do not know how this person got my number or my name but "he" called saying he was sorry about the death of my grandpa. I think his stepmom or someone read the paper and called him to let him know. I'm not mad at the fact that he called me but...WTF!! I HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN LIKE 9 DAMN YEARS!! HOW DARE HE THINK AFTER ALL THESE YEARS HE CAN CALL AND SAY OH I'M SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. FUCK THAT!! HOW DID HE FIND MY PHONE NUMBER??? Why can't Del Rio people just mind their own damn business?!?!?! GRRRR!!

The hubby and I also almost got into a fight at the Del Rio hangout, better known as Sonic. We were trying to back up the Durango and some stupid punk ass kids had this bright idea to park directly behind us. I was like MOVE BEEYATCH..GET OUT THE WAY!! Then this kid yells back HOLD UP YOU STUPID ASS. Oh...HELL....NOOOO! Robby had to hold me back from getting out of the Durango because I was yelling and saying YOU LITTLE FUCKER I WILL FUCK YOU UP IF YOU EVER TALK TO ME THAT WAY!!! The kids in Del Rio have no respect kids will never grow up there...

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now!!

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