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10:53 pm - March 18, 2004
OK OK OK. So I haven't updated in a while. What can I say? I've been busy again. Not with school, but just with worked. I'm working overtime again and I'm so tired...too tired to do anything when I get home. My sucky ass class ended last week (THANK GOD) so I've had a week to do nothing but veg when I get home. And to my surprize, I got a B+ in class! HA! Not bad for not doing my homework!! WOOT WOOT!

So what have I done this past week? Well drive the HEMI around! And no, no pictures yet because it rained and my friend ML is going to detail it for me this weekend. Then it will be all ready for it's photo shoot. I'm telling's one bad ass Mo-Fo. Oh and I also got the Coach bag with the matching key fob I wanted. If you go to the Coach website, it's the COACH SOHO TWILL STRIPE TOTE!! It's so pretty and it's got a dustbag! It gets me a lot of attention and everyone who knows me knows how much I LOOOOVE attention! ME ME ME ME!! *LOL* I also like it because no one (that I know anyways) has one around here. Yeah, I have the Dooney IT bag, but everyone has one of those! I like to be different!! Now all I need is the wallet....

Oh and I also got my hair done AGAIN! Uh, I think it has like 5 colors in it now...dark red (like almost brown), blond, light brown, red and my natural black in there too. Yes, it looks badass! So badass that I have to put a pic of it here so ya'll can see! The red is only up in the front and the blond is more to the back. MMMM...I *heart* my hair!

Anyways, that's enough of an update for now. I have to get some sleep to wake up at the crack of dawn. *Yawnz*

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