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1:20 am - July 10, 2004
Fixing to pass out
I can't believe I just got home and finished a power point presentation for class....AFTER my drinking....I AM THE SHIZNITZ!!

PD is at Grahams in Laredo (or somewhere in Tx I think) watching Michael Salgado. When I was on the phone with her earlier she was yelling MOVE BEEYATCH..GET OUT THE WAY...all fixing to throw down over a parking space. HA! That's my girl.

I was at South Park Pub drinking with the hubby. We were drinking since like 8. He's passed out in the bed...and I'm fixing to join him. *Hiccupz*

So I'm off...because I have such a good buzz and I'm going to sleep so soundly tonight...and I don't have to wake up early!

Ahhhh Hoooo aaahhhhhh!!

So Cheers to PD and Michael Salgado with his palomita blanco!!

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