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11:12 p.m. - 2003-03-16
PiPi everywhere
Well I was watching QAF and I swear I have NEVERRRR seen so much pipi in my life!! Not even when I played strip poker a few years ago!! ICK. I lost count after the 5th one! EWWW EWWW EWWWW!!!

Speaking of pipi, I've been wanting to watch porn again. And I don't really know why. Well, maybe it could be because I have been watching this cool reality show on Showtime called Family Business. It's all about Seymore Butts (and you have GOT to know who he is!!) and his business. Of course, it's all about porn. They show some freaky shit on there!! I LOVE IT!! Yeah I guess you could say I'm a closet freak. But all my old friends out there already knew that!! I think the funniest porn movie I saw was volume 13 of some bi sex movie and it was the funniest shit! Me and the girls were sitting there laughing our asses off because there was this one segment with guys and they were french or something. It was really funny to see this one guy yelling at the other in french! HA!

So I want you all to see what I want right now more than anything. I saw this and I immediately became obsessed!! It's the most precious thing I've seen!! OK yeah it costs like $550 bux so if anyone cares to donate some money so I can buy it, just send me an email~!

Anyways, I'm off to see a movie I got in the mail. Y Tu Mama Tambien...I've been wanting to watch it for a while now. It got good reviews and there is something about foreign films that I love! Amelie is another good one I like to watch. Until next time....

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