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12:39 a.m. - 2003-04-20
Gummy Worms
Yes, I'm a total layout WHORE! I saw PD's really cute, new layout, so I wanted another one, too!! YAY! MMMM....SHIRTLESS TAN-LINE JUSTIN!! Although my previous entry thingey isn't working...but I'll fix that up later later!

So gummy worms is the topic for today. Now, why gummy worms, you may ask. It's a theory of PD and mine. Gummy worms are some nasty-ass shiznit. BUT...for some reason, it's like you eat one, and even though you can't stand them, you can't stop eating. Kinda like....bad sex! (HEEH!) The guy can't kiss and is a lousy lay, but you do it with him a few more times!! Why? Because he's like a GUMMY WORM!! SOOO..another thing is the Anna Nicole show. Yes, I love reality tv but this show is soooo stupid!! BUT I CAN'T TURN IT OFF AND FINISH UP MY HOMEWORK!! I've been watching this show for over an hour...and I'm still on my first paragraph of my paper. And when was my paper due?? Er, 45 minutes ago! ARGGGHHH!! *Sigh* My goal for this class is to actually turn in MOST of my homework early!!!

I got my haircut today! It's cute and short!! I LOVE IT!! And to think I used to have long hair!! My hubby says he misses my long hair but now that I've gone short, I don't want to go back. Besides, when my hair was long, it took forever to fix in the morning. With this do, I can just wash and put in some of my hair goo and I'm done! It gives me the chance to sleep later, which is something I love doing! : )

Well I guess I better get back to my paper!! Er, and I don't have a song for the day because I really can't think of one!!

Laters all!!

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