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7:49 p.m. - 2003-04-27
My new obsessions...
YAY! So I am updating now because I have a TON of homework to do tonight! Remember how I said I have one paper to write? Well I was's two! I was totally wigging out this morning..all stressed and cranky! I even shed a tear for a second. Then I took a nap. Then I woke up and said to myself, how better to cheer me up than to go shopping?? So I did!! I went to the mall and got a skirt (yes a skirt!!!) and shirt at Old Navy, the Jackass movie DVD at Sam Goody, stuff to take off my nails at Sally's, numerious items at Wal Mart, including a dress and top there. For those of you that know me, I bet you think it's funny that I'm all about wearing dresses and skirts now, eh??!?!?! Well it's getting too damn hot here now and last time I wore a skirt to work, I got all kinds of compliments about how cute I look! And I loooove getting compliments!! YAY!!

So now on to my new obsessions!! Besides shopping today, I went to ALFREDO'S PALETERIA!! For those of my readers that are from here in town, you have GOT to check that place out!! I'm all about the aguas frescas they have there. My fave is strawberry-bananna! MMMM..and they have fruit cups, and I looooove the strawberries with cream! YUM! I'm gonna have one every day this week! Er, I wonder how many points that is?!?! OOOo and they also have all kinds of paletas in there! Fruit flavored annnnd CAJETA flavored!! *Slurpz*

My other obsession...the show PUNK'D! Dude, this has GOT to be one of the funniest shows on MTV!! The one where Jessica Simpson played a joke on her hubby Nick from 98 degrees!! Supposedly her kinfolk from Tx came in their trailer and parked it on their property!!! He was soooo mad! He was like YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF AFTER WHAT YOU SAID LAST NIGHT!! THIS IS ALL ON YOU!!! LOL!! But of course, the best episode was where they played the joke on Justin Timberlake. He was fixing to cry because he thought the government seized all his property! The look on his face was PRICELESS!! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!

Anyways, I'm off to watch my wrestling (YES I'M A WRESTLING CHICK!!), finish my papers annnnnd my strawberries and cream!! last note. I read that 90210 was having a reunion special on May 11. It's going to be like their 10th reunion. Damn has it been that long?? I used to love that show! The only ones that won't be on it will be Steve and Donna. PFFT!

Song of the Day Hippie Chick by Soho This is an old school song!! It reminds me of 8th grade. HEEHEE!!

It's hard to tell you how I feel without hurting you. So try to think about the way that I see you..

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