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10:50 p.m. - 2003-05-20
Fun at Work
You know what sucks ass? Not having work to work! It's not like I can sit and slack like other folks do and read all day. PFFT! Naw, I'm kdding, PD you know I got mad love for you, Dawg!! I think it's so cool when she calls me and the folks I work with ask me questions like I'm all special! HA!

So while I'm on the subject of work, I guess I'll talk about some people I work with. Notice, I said WORK WITH, not FRIENDS WITH or ASSOCIATE WITH. All of those things are completely different. The only person at work I consider a friend is JB. She's cool as hell. Someday I'll convince her to let me post a pic of her on! this one chick that goes to break with us, I'll call her D. She's totally fake and a liar and I hate that about her. She goes on and on about how her and her husband do this and do that.....but she is sooo fake. She told me a while back that her and her husband don't even sleep in the same room together. He cheated on her once and she never forgave him. She won't even think of divorcing him because to her, that would be like letting him win a game. I remember when a friend of mine was going through a divorce she told that girl YOU SHOULDN'T DIVORCE HIM, YOU SHOULD JUST MAKE HIS LIFE MISERABLE AND NEVER GIVE HIM THE SATISFACTION OF DIVORCING HIM. The girl was like ARE YOU CRAZY? IT'S NOT WORTH BEING MISERABLE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! D "saved" herself for that guy until they got married so when he cheated on her, she took it as the worst act of betrayal ever. Now, I don't blame her, because I would. But if the marriage wasn't working, why keep living a lie?? Just last weekend he bought her a brand spankin-new Tahoe. She was like YEAH MICHAEL GOT IT FOR ME LAST WEEKEND. JB and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. I just think it's pathetic that guys like that have to buy their significant other's love. She's just sorry and sometimes I feel bad for her because she's living a lie...but then I don't because she makes people think things are perfect. I hate it when folks act like they are something they aren't. I had a friend like that in high school. Heh..well PD and I had that friend in highschool. And where is she now? Back living in Del Rio with her folks...totally pathetic!!

OOO I gotta tell ya'll something funny that happened to me tonight. I had to go to the store so on my way home I went to that Paleteria to get my drink that I love. So I'm driving there from the store and I found this CD that I think I borrowed from someone and forgot to give it back (OOPS). So anyways, it has that really nasty song by know...the MY NECK, MY BACK song?!?! So I'm playing it, cuz you know it's cool as shit, and I get to the paleta place. So I forget that the stereo has a delay when I open the I open the door and one of the guys that works there is outside emptying the trash...and the song is playing really of course, I open the door and the song is blaring MY NECK, MY BACK, LICK MY PUSSY AND MY CRACK...ARGGHHHH!! I was soooooo embarassed!! The guy just looked and me and smiled and I was like..UHHHHH YEAHHHH. I could totally tell my face was all red! ICK....I had to make a mental note to myself to never play that song that loud AGAIN!!

So remember how I mentioned that I didn't have any work to do today? Er well, I entertained myself by taking pics with my cell here is ME HARD AT WORK!!

So that is me......the hardworker that I am. I sent the pic to PD and she laughed so hard!! HA! Yes, I know it's a bad pic...for some reason my nose looks MASSIVE! I guess it's because it's too much of a close up!! You can see my headphones on my That clarification of for YOU PD, in case you thought I had some kind of growth on my ear! I know you would think of something like that!! I think I was listening to Audioslave LIKE A STONE...

Well I'm off to bed to try and convince my hubby to watch WHEN DARKNESS FALLS. I'm in the mood for a good scare!!

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