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11:37 p.m. - 2003-06-18
So I just got home and I was tired but now I'm totally wired. But it's because I'm pissed off about something. *MEH*

Anyhoo so San Antonio was the shizzznit! Dude I have SOOOO got to move there! I love it so much! The parade was cool. Malik Rose and Tony Parker waved at me! And for all the non-believers out there, I have it on tape! So PFFT on you!! It's always hella cool to see peeps like that in real life. It's like you see them on TV and you know they are people like everyone else but they are like famous. I'm always shocked when I see famous people. Like when I saw Tony I was like OHMYGOD IT'S TONY! David Robinson and Teemy shared a float. It was really cool! I had a good time. Robby's also glad he went. He really didn't want to go when we were talking about it yesterday but today he told me he had a good time. We got to eat at Hooters *YUM* and that was fun. I loooove the fried pickles from there! I know they don't sound good but they really are!! Then there were these drunk, obnoxious mexicans in there. They were so loud an annoying! And there's nothing worse than a mexican except a drunk, obnoxious one! ICK! This one guy was yelling while he made a call on the cell phone. He was like "Hey do you know who this is? It's your primo Johhhnnnnyyy and guess where I'm at vato?" I was just like OH MY LOOOOORD! Then I asked Robby if when I drink too much I act like that. He said YES! I was like WTF DUDE! I mean, I know I tend to get just a little But he said that I start talking Spanish and English together with a spanish *Shrugz* What can I say eh??

After the parade they were going to have a ceremony at the Alamodome. We couldn't stay for that because it was going to end way to late for us. After that, there was going to be an after party at Sunset Station! I wanted to go sooooooo BAD! I sooo could've scored VIP passes dude! I was going to tell Robby to leave me there and I would take the bus home tomorrow! HA~

I would also like to thank PD for telling me about the "TAI CHI TEA" and Chocolate cream cheese muffin from Starbucks! Robby and I shared the muffin and each had a tea and they were soooo yummy!!

Anyways, I'm tired and my legs are killing me from standing up too long. I think I'm getting old! *Poutz*

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