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10:27 p.m. - 2003-08-11
Random Thoughts
I am watching The Discovery Channel and it's some show called The Making of a Hangover. And I have to admit that this is quite interesting. They said that studies show that guys get drunk faster than women do. Pretty interesting eh? Er, well I thought so anyways. Robby's comment to that statement? AWW BULLSHIT?!?! HAHAHA!

I had the headache from hell earliler. So I took a 2 hour nap. I'm awake, but if I lie down again, I could SOOO fall back asleep again!! I'm such a lazy ass!!

Work was hella lame today. I didn't do a lot of work. I was so bored. I forgot my CD's at home so I really had nothing to listen to. So most of the time I spent it talking with JB. I told her how I wanted the job in San Antonio really bad. I know that if I do get the job and move, I would miss her. She's been like my closest friend since we started at Verizon together. Anyways, I really really want that job so bad!!!! I would be making about $20,000 more than what I'm making now and it would be good for Robby, too. He could find a better job and take some classes. *Sigh* I'm telling you...if I don't get that job, I will truely be sad. I mean, I have the qualifications to be a damn secretary. Dammit...I can do reports and spreadsheets and shit like that. I'm just hoping that my resume made an impression. So we'll see...

I'm looking at pictures of tattoos. It's true what they say about how when you get one, you want another one.

Well, I'm gonna go lie down and watch Shark Week. And my friends wonder why I don't get in the water.....

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