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6:27 a.m. - 2003-08-21
Aye look how early it is! E! But I need to start getting up earlier because I've been late to work all this week. Ok, no I'm lying. I was on time on Tuesday. And that's only because Robby took Megan to daycare. Robby starts school next Monday so he's going to be taking her to daycare. Thank GOD! That place is so far man! It's like, I've got to drop my son off at school, then go across town to the daycare, then all the way to work. That takes longer than 30 minutes...icky poo!!

I'm tired. I keep having wierd dreams. Well the other night I had a scary dream because for some strange reason I thought I would be able to sleep after watching the Exorcist I would sleep fine. HA! What a joke.....I was hearing things all night long.

I talked to Vero the other night and we still have no idea what to do Labor Day weekend. She wanted to go to this gambling boat off of Corpus but I heard bad things about it so that idea was out. Meh. I guess we'll figure something out later.

Well I need to start getting ready for work. I hope Megan is in a good mood because I need to get her dressed now. E! Sometimes I wish she wasn't so darn cranky in the mornings...

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