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6:31 am - September 19, 2003
I'm still tired....
Well overtime has been downgraded to voluntary. I wanted to work one hour today, but I have no strength right now to get my lazy butt up. I want to go back to bed so bad. I want to stay in bed today. I don't even know what to wear! Ahhh the drama that is known as my life!

My instructor for class sucks! It's week three already, and we haven't even recieved our grades for week one. The syllabus is confusing, and when we ask her questions, she answers them with another question! WTF!! That's something I find so horribly annoying! *sigh* If I end up with anything lower than a B, I'm going to raise serious hell about her. I need to know where I stand in class, dammit!

*sigh* Well I think I'm going to rummage through my closet and see what I can find to wear. ICK.

And I hope everyone that was in the path of that nasty storm, Isabella, is staying safe!!

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